Wedding Photography FAQ

Below are the most common questions that I have been asked as couples are looking for a wedding photographer. You can click on any question and it will direct you to the answer at the bottom. If you don't find an answer you're looking for, please contact me and I would be thrilled to answer your question.


General Questions

Q: Do you travel for weddings?
 A: Yes! I travel frequently for weddings and I would love to be a part of your destination wedding.

Q: Should we have two photographers?
 A: It depends. Do you have more than ~125 guests? Do you want more pictures from your wedding? Would you value additional vantage points of important moments throughout your wedding day? Would you like additional moments that may only be possible with two photographers? If you answered 'yes' to any of those questions, then you should have two wedding photographers. Over 75% of my couples opt for packages that include two photographers.

Q: How far in advance should we book you as our wedding photographer?
 A: Most couples book 9-12 months in advance. May and October have been the two most popular months over the last 8 years, often times filling up as far in advance as 1-2 years!

Q: What is your photographic style?
 A: My style could best be defined as photojournalistic with a definite emphasis on people, moments, and creative portraits.

Q: Have you shot at our venue before?
 A: After having photographed more than 150 weddings, if your wedding is in Nashville, then the odds are pretty good that I have seen your venue before. Even if I haven't seen your venue, I typically will arrive early on the day of your wedding so I can scout for shooting locations.

Q: Do you travel to meet clients?
 A: My current schedule only allows for meeting clients within Nashville. For out-of-town couples, I frequently use Skype / Google to meet with them.

Q: Do you have liability insurance?
 A: Yes. Most venues require the wedding photographer (as well as all vendors) to have liability insurance.

Your Wedding Day

Q: How long do you stay for our wedding?
 A: The entire day. I typically arrive approximately 30-45 minutes once you start getting ready and then I'm with you for the rest of the day. I do offer partial day coverage if you do not have a need for all day wedding photography coverage.

Q: How much time should we set aside for pictures?
 A: This varies and is dependent on several factors such as family and bridal party size as well as if you are doing a first look prior to the ceremony. Most couples allot a solid hour just for bride and groom portraits throughout the day.

Q: Will you take family photos / should we make a list of family photos to take?
 A: Yes and yes. Part of your wedding day timeline should include time for family photos. Making a list is extremely helpful to ensure that I get all of the combinations of photos of the people you love.

After your wedding

Q: How long until we receive our wedding pictures?
 A: This varies and is dependent on how many consecutive weekends of weddings I have. On average, turnaround time is four to six weeks.

Q: How are our wedding pictures delivered?
 A: Your wedding pictures will be delivered on a flash drive. I give you a high-resolution copy of your images (in color and monochrome so you can make prints. I also will provide you with a gallery link so you (or anyone you would like) can download additional copies as needed.

Q: How many pictures do we get from our wedding?
 A: This depends on a variety of factors such as the length of the day, family / bridal party size and whether or not there was a second photographer. If I'm shooting solo, on average I deliver 500-700 images. If there is a second shooter, the average image count is around 700-900+ images. The number is actually double that when you consider you also get a full copy of your pictures in both color and monochrome.

Q: Can we make prints from our wedding pictures?
 A: Yes! I encourage you to make prints so future generations of your family will be able to see how much fun you had on your wedding day. You can also order prints through me, which is preferred given I provide higher quality options that aren't typically available via consumer outlets (e.g. archival paper, metal prints, etc).

Q: Do you edit every image that is delivered
 A: Yes. I hand edit every image that is delivered so that I can pull from them later for display on my website.

Q: What happens if we lose our wedding pictures?
 A: Not a problem! I will retain a copy of your pictures for the forseeable future and can send you a link to download your images should you lose the flash drive I give to you.